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Helping great ideas become great products through licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does MOI provide to the client?
MOI uses its extensive industry relationships and proprietary databases to review and evaluate a client's idea (invention) for potential commercial value. We conduct a product and market evaluation to determine commercial potential. Once identified, if the idea/invention (patent) has significant commercial potential, MOI is interested in helping you to license or sell your idea. In some cases MOI will bear the expense of a patent application (if one has not been filed) and/or the cost of a prototype. MOI will negotiate a contingent fee-generally 10-40% depending upon the cost and commercial potential of the idea.

2. What do you mean–contigent fee arrangement?
If MOI determines that your idea has substantial likelihood of commercial success, MOI is willing to assume the expense of patent prosecution and prototype development in return for a percentage of the license fees and/or royalties derived from your idea.

3. Is MOI "an invention submission company"?
No. MOI has years of direct industry experience developing ideas that are ultimately licensed or acquired by large private or public companies. MOI deals directly with individuals it knows within corporations.

4. Can MOI file a patent application?
No. MOI can help you find an appropriate patent lawyer and can help you manage the patent process.

5. Is MOI a prototyping company?
No. MOI can provide the client with companies that do prototype work and can assist you with the process of developing a prototype.

6. After I submit my questionnaire, how long until I receive a response from MOI?
Generally, you can expect to hear back from us within about 4 weeks.

7. Why does it take so long for a response?
MOI does an exhaustive analysis of your idea relative to market potential, commercialization potential, patent protection, manufacturability, etc. This takes time.

8. Why does MOI charge to review my idea?
MOI incurs substantial time and expense to diligently evaluate your idea. We develop a commercial template using proprietary databases that have been developed over years. MOI is interested in working with serious individuals who have great product ideas.

9. What success have you had?
The founders of MOI previously developed the technology in the Roche Accu-Check glucose system, and has just recently licensed a technology for the measurement of metabolism to a multi-billion dollar private corporation. Visit our Successful Licensing page to read more about this product.

10. What failures have you had?
The founders of MOI developed a diaper sensor to detect wetness. The product worked well and we were able to acquire a patent, but we found there was an insufficient market for the product. Visit our Successful Licensing page to read more about this product.

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